Who are we

An eclectic brand

Oito.Um presents solutions both for indoor and outdoor training; to those who go to the gym and to the ones who are fond of running; to those prefering dynamic and intensive classes or to whom prefers to relax while walking around or doing yoga.

Technology that makes a difference

Outdoor and Indoor workouts are distinct. The runners search for different solutions from those who go for a walk. And who exercises everyday wants to have the convenience of always having available his favourite sports equipment.

That’s why we bet on suitable technologies for every situation, and why we offer technological fabrics that make all of this possible.



Inspired in Portugal

Made in Brasil

Oito.Um promises to be a brand focused on those who exercise. We workout every day to have the best understanding about the needs for this audience. Afterwards, we develop our pieces using the best fabrics and resorting to the best manufacturers, guaranteeing the quality we seek in our products.

Exclusivity policy

We want to be different, to stand out. And we want to give this same opportunity to whoever buys anything from our brand. For this purpose, we bet on a very small amount of pieces per model and colour, choosing to have new features and creations instead.


Email: info@clothing-concept.pt
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