Of course we can. First, you should check our Size Guide. You should also take a look to the description of the product you want to buy in order to understand its compression level and if there is any note about its fitting.

If you are still in doubt, please sen and email to info@clothing-concept.pt.

Oito.Um follows an EXCLUSIVE policy. It means we always produce limited editions in order to guarantee that our clients buy exclusive pieces. And this is why our products go out of stock so quickly. So, once it is out of stock, it’s very unlikely to have stock again.

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Oito.Um will always make its best to deliver your order as quickly as possible. We are commited in delivering around Europe within 24h/48h (islands will always take longer) through a logistic chain that guarantees safe and fast deliveries.

Please take a look to Deliveries to check shipping prices and the value from which the delivery is Free.

Usually we send a confirmation email right after your order. If you didn’t receive it, please check your SPAM. If you are still not finding it send us an email to info@clothing-concept.pt.

Usually we send a confirmation email right after payment is completed. For payments using bank transfer, it will take longer to be confirmed (2/3 working days). If you didn’t receive it, please check your SPAM. If you are still not finding it send us an email to info@clothing-concept.pt.

Perfect! Coupons are time limited and you should use it in the next days. You can use it during the checkout process, while in the cart.

There are several motives that will stop you from using your code:

– It may not be well writen. Please check you are writing it correctly.

– the code has expired.

– you may be trying to use it over products that have a promotional price. Is is not possible.

– you may be trying to use it together with other coupons. Usually, promo codes ate not compatible with other coupons, except if we say it clearly.

– there may be an error in the website. If it continues, please send us an email to info@clothing-concept.pt

This website is a safe site and we use the most recent technologies to avoid security breaches.

3D Secure is now mandatory for credit card purchases. You can activate this setting in your bank website. For further information, please contact your account manager.

In case your credit card is already 3D Secure and you are still having issues when paying, please send an email to info@clothing-concept.pt.

That is not a problem. The ideal is that, whenever possible, your delivery address is somewhere where there is always someone to receive the order, like your job address, or a store/coffee shop you usually go to. When that is not possible, there are several solutions:

– Deliveries in Portugal and Spain, an SMS is sent with the contacts of the logistic provider, enabling you to schedule a new delivery or to ask th change the delivery address.

– Deliveries in Azores and Madeira Islands are guaranteed by the local post office – CTT – and they will keep your order for some days if the delivery was not possible at first. You can go there and pick it op.

– Deliveries in other EU countries are guaranteed by TNT. You will receive an email with tracking number and you can manage the delivery from there. If the first delivery is not possible, they will get in touch with you to schedule a new one.

As devoluções são possíveis desde que efetuadas de acordo com o Ponto 7 dos Termos e Condições. Existe um prazo de 14 dias após a receção da encomenda para fazer o pedido de devolução, e as peças têm de estar em perfeitas condições e sem indícios de uso.

O custo da devolução é suportado pela Oito.Um caso a morada de recolha seja em Portugal Continental (salvo excepções devidamente mencionadas no Ponto 7 dos Termos e Condições. Caso a morada de recolha seja nas Regiões Autónomas ou em outro país, ou caso o cliente não contacte previamente a marca, a Oito.Um apenas assumirá os custos da devolução se existir algum erro/defeito imputado diretamente à Oito.Um. Todo o procedimento será enviado em detalhe via email.

Para fazer o seu pedido de devolução, deve preencher o Formulário de Troca/Devolução

Yes, it is possible, if

if in accordance with Terms and Conditions – Point 7 . You have 14 days to ask for exchange, and the product must be in perfect conditions.

If the delivery address is in Portugal, the return cost is supported by Oito.Um (except for those situations mentioned in Terms and Conditions). If the address is in UE or Azores/Madeira Islands, or in case the client doesn’t inform Oito.Um in advanced, we will only assume Return costs if the product is deffective. This procedure will be sent via email once you fill the Return Form.

To ask for an exchange please fill the Return Form 

The costs for a re-shipping are always supported by the client, except if the product is deffective.

Nowadays we only accept returns or exchanges of products bought in our website. For every other products you must get in contact with the representative that sold it to you.

If your order is still in our wharehouse, we will cancel its sending as soon as you send us an email asking for it. You should send the email to info@clothing-concept.pt informing us of your order number.

In case the order was shipped already, you are still able to cancel it, but logistic costs will be charged.

Oito.Um fabrics are selected according to the type of intended use and the maintenance of their differentiating characteristics will be more durable if care is taken during the washing and drying of the parts.

So, you should:

– pay close attention to the first wash. Preferably wash the parts inside out, by hand, in cold water, and without mixing other parts.

– in the following washings, the temperature must be kept in the cold or at most 30 °.

– always keep in mind whether or not the product allows the use of centrifugation

– avoid using fabric softeners

– dry the pieces inside out, in a place without direct incidence of sunlight.

– check specific instructions on the inner label of your parts.

If you didn’t find the answer you are looking for, please send an email to info@clothing-concept.pt. We will reply shortly.